Optimex sealed pumps are manufactured for various energy markets. Discover the full range of markets that Optimex meets in terms of standards.



Nuclear power brings answers to many stakes: need to reduce CO2 emissions, in order to prevent climate changes, need to answer electricity needs, and, for certain countries, need to reinforce strategic independence.
The two greatest emerging powers: China and India (40% of the world’s population) understood this matter and have engaged in important programs regarding Nuclear energy development. It is widely used in France for electricity production.

Nevertheless, nuclear energy requires to handle radioactive substances and therefore measures must be undertaken in order to protect our environment through secure installations.

The main asset of canned motor pumps for the nuclear industry is the security regarding the external leakage risks. OPTIMEX, strengthened by its experiences has developed machines that respect the various construction codes required by this field: RCC-M / RCC-MX / RCC-MRX, and controls the construction of specific motors that answer the RCC-E standard, and validates there fitting to radiations.

Nuclear reactor pumps manufacturer

Amongst others, we have already delivered numerous canned motor pumps, for example on these sites:

  • RES (Cadarache – France)
  • ILL (Grenoble – France)
  • SCK (Brussel – Belgique)
  • CABRI (Cadarache – France)
  • FESSEMHEIM (France)
  • FLAMANVILLE (France)
  • TAISHAN (Chine)

Solar Energy


Canned motor pump for energy industry

Solar energy is a renewable energy that offers an answer to the problems caused by the scarcity of some energy sources or by their environmental impact. The developed technologies allow to transform this energy into heat or electricity. Some stations are even able to produce continuous electricity, day and night, thanks to a heat storage system with melted salts.

The use of canned motor pumps for solar energy represents a future application for solar energy stations, and OPTIMEX is today able to propose machines and solutions for transfer fluids on parabolic-type solar thermal power plants, as well as on applications requiring melted salts. Amongst other, we have already manufactured for the CEA pressurized water energy storage pumps.



Canned motor pump technology offers great potential for use in the hydrogen market due to its performance and reliability characteristics. Canned motor pumps are innovative pumping devices designed to operate by being partially immersed in the fluid, making them suitable for the transfer of hydrogen, a light gas that is often stored in liquid or compressed form.

In the context of hydrogen, canned motor pumps can be used to transfer liquid hydrogen in hydrogen production, storage or distribution facilities. They are designed to offer high hydraulic performance with minimal pressure drop and optimal energy efficiency, which reduces operating costs and improves plant profitability.

In addition, canned motor pumps are adapted to handle the special properties of hydrogen, including its low density and high flammability. Their special design minimizes the risk of cavitation, vibration and damage to the pump blades, ensuring safe and reliable hydrogen transfer.

In addition, canned motor pumps offer great versatility and can be used in a variety of configurations, including horizontal or vertical, to suit the specific needs of hydrogen installations. They are also designed to be compact and easy to integrate into existing or new installations, making them a practical solution for the hydrogen market.

canned motor pump for hydrogen liquid



Manufacturer of canned motor pump for geothermal energy

Renewable geothermal energy appears as one of the most promising new energies, allowing a wide production of electrical and thermic energies, while answering to the actual world energetic problematics.

There are various types of geothermal technologies (very low, low, average and high energy) that have in common to collect the heat contained in the soil, resulting from the pressure, and in certain cases, from the proximity to magma.

OPTIMEX proposes canned motor pumps for geothermal energy for drill holes with high pressure and temperature restrictions.

Wind turbine


In order to meet the ever-increasing cooling requirements of electronic and power converters, it is necessary to circulate a glycol solution in a pressurised loop. It is necessary to circulate a glycol solution in a pressurised loop.

The Optimex pumps in the CNSI range, rated at 16 barg, are the perfect answer to this need, with flow rates ranging from 1 to 70 m3/h. The canned motor solution without dynamic seals ensures reliable operation over time with very little maintenance, while sparing the user from any leakage problems. The 316L stainless steel construction ensures optimum protection against corrosion in salty environments.

This sustainable technical pumping solution, in line with environmental protection, will result in minimal overall operating costs.

Manufacturer of sealed pump for wind turbine